August 24, 2021

Why Build It Yourself When You Can Get Superior Results Today?

Building a business intelligence system from scratch seems like a good idea at first. The process appears straightforward, and it seems like that’s the best way to get what you want. But in reality, it’s riddled with unexpected complications and hidden costs. The “we’ll build what we need” mentality is a trap.


1.   Custom solutions lack depth

Systems such as Domo, Tableau, Power BI, or Spreadsheet Servers are known as Ad-hoc solutions. You can build anything in them, but you have to build and evolve your customization over time. Their level of integration with MRI and Yardi also tends to be limited and requires specialized expertise.

As a result, many ad-hoc solutions will only integrate surface-level data and provide very little value. However, Datex was designed specifically to integrate all of your valuable data, and you don’t need to build or evolve anything. It took 20 years to perfect our data integration layer, and Datex offers extensive customization options to ensure our system will support your every need. Creating your own business intelligence solution with an ad-hoc system is reinventing the wheel.


2.   Custom solutions are time consuming

Anyone creating a business intelligence system from scratch is building it one brick at a time. That takes lots of trial and error, maintenance, and time. Even if all your data is organized, there could be hundreds of integration points and intricacies to consider. Many commercial real estate portfolio owners and managers underestimate the time it takes to build a system and are forced to cut corners to save time.

Datex is highly evolved and optimized for retail, commercial, and multifamily real-estate businesses. For that reason, we know how to transform your business FAST! Our Test Drive program can get your data running in a Datex system in THREE WEEKS (financial, property management, operations, etc.). Datex is just faster.


3.   Custom solutions are expensive

Not only are custom solutions more expensive to create, but they are also more expensive to maintain. Ad-hoc solutions require constant maintenance and have a never-ending need to evolve. You will never be done with your home-grown solution. You will care, feed, and support it until the end of days. Datex covers all that maintenance for you. Plus, we are constantly innovating and adjusting to better suit your exact needs. Datex is just cheaper.


4.   Datex is just better

A custom developed business intelligence program may seem viable, but it only offers reporting. What if you had hundreds of reports designed and refined by the best in your business? What if you had workflow automation that made your processes simpler and repeatable? What is you had document and contact management, as well as notes integrated throughout your entire system? Well, that what you’re going to have with Datex; a complete real estate portfolio management platform that delivers better results. Good luck building that!


Datex is smarter, faster, cheaper, and better.  Simply put, Datex is just the best way to go.