Automate CRE Reporting and Leasing for BETTER DEALS in LESS TIME!

On average, our clients have 4-6 departments using Datex and save over $1MM in overhead by tapping into the power of their data.

Designed for:

Actionable Reporting

Instantly see your portfolio based on your work, not the data. Track, benchmark and drill into the details that matter about Operating Performance, Rent Collections, Sales, Leasing, Tenant Health and Occupancy.

“We use Datex daily. It helps us make proactive decisions and easily cuts down reporting time by 50% or more!”
Paul Asher - Vestar

Best-in-Class Reporting

Leverage the experience of the best, for richer insights

Financial Reporting

Income and Expense, Budget Variance,
12-Month Budget, Balance Sheet

Tenant Reporting

Lease Abstract, Tenant Delinquency, Tenant Sales, Demand Letters

Commercial Reporting

Rent Roll, Vacant Suites, Expiring Leases, Sales Reports, Delinquencies, Variance

Insurance Tracking

Insurance list, Missing Insurance Letter

Residential Reporting

Residential Rent Roll, Summary of Activity, Leasing Agent Summary, Unit Activity

Specialized Reporting

Loan Reports, Investor Reports, Work Orders, Rent Relief Tracking, and more

Dash-to-Docs Drill-Around

Move through your data, like you move through your work

Our contextual drill-down lets anyone go from an insightful dashboard down to the details in just a few clicks. And our interface is structured around the work, not the data.

National Benchmarking


You know your portfolio, but you don’t know how it compares to your peers. Are you winning?


Datex aggregates, anonymizes and reports on national trends. You get instant insights using big data that anyone can understand.

Intelligent Automation

Datex manages your workflows across multiple steps and stakeholders, based on your custom business rules, while integrating data sources. You get automated reports from a single source of truth, producing unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability.

“Datex has been a game changer for the operations of our Mixed-Use Portfolio.”
John Hall - Hill Management Services

Reporting Automation


75 Properties, 22 Reports per property, 4 Different data sources… AND Different Owners and Investors for each property.


One automated, integrated, and custom PDF Report for each Property Owner!

  • Workflow across functions and tasks.
  • Integrated data, narratives, and inline comments based on your business rules.
  • Key stakeholders get their say before the final report is sent to Investors and Property Owners.

Leasing Automation


Leasing negotiations are complex, slow and expensive. Without proper tools, planning and analysis are impossible.


Datex Leasing Automation tools transform your complex leasing processes into a seamless cross-department collaboration.

Lease Application Management

Leasing Assumptions Workflow

Lease Approval Workflow

Leasing Assumptions Report

Deal Status Grid

Workflow Automation


Reporting and notification tools are built around recurring tasks to increase efficiency and keep your entire team plugged in.

Notifications can even auto-generate tenant emails.

Rent Relief Tracking
Budget Variance Tracking
Retail Sales Tracking
Work Order Tracking
Insurance Compliance Tracking
Loan Tracking
Delinquency Tracking

Rule-Based Notifications


Use key dates and live data-tracking to notify your team when thresholds have been met. Set alarms based on predefined criteria, define escalation actions, and even include automated email notifications.

  • Manage by exceptions
  • Act proactively, not reactively
  • Control your own thresholds
  • Provide exact information needed to resolve an issue with an alert.

Insights for Everyone

Extend the reach of your MRI/Yardi data to Executives, Asset Managers, Property Managers, Leasing, Legal, Analysts, Operations, Clients and Investors.

“Datex has made information readily available to more people than I knew would actually use it. We discover new value every day.”
Marty Whims - Stark Enterprises

Datex is for your WHOLE team

Our Clients have 4-6 departments using Datex daily!


See the collective results of your team better than before. Be insanely more productive, operate better. Keep your investors connected.


Monitor Payments to Key Vendors by Property or across the Portfolio. Easily Access Key Docs and Contact info from anywhere.

Property Management

Track Collections, Occupancy, Sales, Maintenance, Leasing and Lease Compliance by Tenant and/or Property in just a few clicks.


Quickly access Key Lease Provisions, Sales Trends, and Delinquencies. Go from analysis to the details in a few simple clicks.

Asset Management

Assess the Metrics and Trends that separate Peak Performers from Stragglers. Easily traverse specific Portfolios down to individual tenants.


Improved budgeting, billing, collections, recovery, reporting and financial control built around your KPIs.

“Datex is exactly what we wanted for a database for our real estate properties. It gives us a dashboard for everything we need.”

Robert Glimcher
Glimcher Group

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In just 3 weeks, experience the power of your data LIVE!

Transform Your Business with the Datex Test Drive

In just 3 weeks, you'll experience the power of actionable reporting, intelligent automation, and insights for all, LIVE with YOUR data.

Discover Your Data’s Power

  • Get access to Datex using your live data.
  • Experience our best-in-class reports and automation for 30 days.
  • Let your whole team discover how easy access to insights breaks down silos and drives results.

Improve Your Data Fast

  • Get a deep assessment of your MRI/Yardi data with detailed optimization recommendations.
  • Integrate your data in Datex to simplify workflows and escape Excell hell.

Training and Support Included

  • We teach your team how to leverage the power of the Datex platform across functions.
  • We surround you with LOVE to ensure that Datex works for you.

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In The News

ICSC Releases Rolling 12 Month Report on U.S. National Sales Productivity and Occupancy Costs by Category (powered by Datex)

ICSC.com - June 20, 2024

ICSC Releases Rolling 12 Month Report on U.S. National Sales Productivity and Occupancy Costs by Category (powered by Datex)

ICSC.com - May 23, 2024

Datex CEO recognized in LA Times 2024 Commercial Real Estate Visionaries list

LATimes.com - May 22, 2024

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Who We Are

The Datex team has worked with a wide range of retail, multifamily, commercial, and industrial real estate clients. We’ve developed deep technical knowledge of MRI Software and Yardi systems and have unparalleled expertise in real-estate portfolio management.

  • 20 years of experience with CRE workflows
  • Singular focus on CRE
  • Deep MRI/Yardi experience
  • Fanatical customer focus

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